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    - Differential Pressure Monitoring
    - Exhaust Pressure Monitoring
    - PR Flow Measuring
    - PR Degassing Vacuum Pressure Monitoring
    - PR Bottle RFID
    - Arm Particle Monitoring
    - PIO Monitoring
    - LD Nozzle Monitoring System

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    PR Degassing System

    - Micro Bubble removal and Pump Dispense Condition changes can be prevented.
    - A yield increase from particle decreases can be expected.
    - Coating faults can be prevented.
    - The equipment can be installed before Tracking.
    - It can be installed on equipment using other liquid chemicals

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    PR Flow Measuring System

    - Measurements between 0.3 to 3 seconds can be made.
    - The PR Volume can be detected in the Auto Detection Mode.
    - The Offset value can be adjusted after measuring the Dispense amount.
    - The Alarm Range can be set-up.
    - It can be connected to the equipment.

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    PR RFID System

    - Prevents exchange misses due to an expert’s mistake during PR replacement tasks
    - If PR exchange misses occur, the cause can be found
    - Real-time reports of the Bottle’s status
    - Provides various references and statistics related to the expert’s tasks.
    - PR usage, empty Bottle management, etc…

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    Exhaust Monitoring System

    - The Exhaust can be monitored real-time and be connected to the FDC.
    - Manufacturing process accidents can be prevented depending on the
       Exhaust ascent / descent.
    - Any Process Errors that occur can be checked with the FDC.
    - The Exhaust ascent / descent Trend and Line’s pollution status can be checked.

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    Differential Monitoring System

    - Manufacturing process accidents due to Differential Pressure ascent / descent can be prevented.
    - The Differential Pressure can be FDC managed by interlocking to the DP System.
    - Real-time Monitoring is available.

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